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Found 6 results

  1. The API-function /api/v3/users/{user_token}/parts/ has a query-parameter named "search". Has someone investigated how this parameter can be used ? Does it understand wildcards? For what kind of search (and on which fields) is it used? Same parameter also exists for /api/v3/users/{user_token}/sets/ How does it work there / can it be used there? Many thanks!
  2. I find myself wondering where a specific part is when building a MOC. Ideally rebrickable would be able to tell me the exact physical location of the part in my house. That seems unfeasible, though. However, it would be great to be able to see from which Lego model or loose parts list rebrickable has deduced that I have the part! That would allow me to 1. deconstruct a MOC that I may currently have built which includes the part 2. look in the box of some of the models that are not built but the parts of which are not sorted in their usual place yet.
  3. Hello- I love your site. One suggestion on the "Search for Parts" page. I often use the advanced search features, but sometimes forget to completely reset my search parameters. For example, I might search for a piece in a specific color, find my piece, and then move on to my next piece by typing in its part number. The database will then respond "Part Not Found" because I still have the specific color selected, and my new piece does not happen to exist in that specific color. However, it might be helpful (especially in cases where "Part Not Found" is the database's response), to provide a list of "Approximate Matches" or Suggestions. These would be listed below the "Part Not Found", but especially in cases where an exact part number can clearly be found in the database (for example), this could streamline searching a bit.
  4. Why are the most common bricks not at the top of list. Example: brick 1x2....9th page when I entered in the search field "brick 1x2". Shouldn't the most common 1x2 be at 1st page 1st item??. It took me close to a half hour to find. Again, why is this site so hard not easy? I usually deal with technic elements and just recently purchased some (common) bricks and plates.....taking much longer than it should to inventory if you want my opinion.
  5. I'm usually looking for older sets to build (mostly 80's ones) from my large collection of old bricks. It's a bit annoying having to set all the relevant parameters each time i do a search (year range, set usage, skip MOCs, etc) Would be useful to have a 'save as default' button when setting up a build search.
  6. It would be good if we could search MOCs which have been marked as alternates for sets directly.