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Found 4 results

  1. Hi there! I am new to rebrickable, and I'm more familiar with Bricklink. I tried looking around, but I am unsure of how to modify the number of parts I have from a set before adding it to the set list. I am used to buying incomplete sets or selling off minifigures and parts, so is there a function where I can keep track of parts based on their individual sets? I do know that bricklink has the "Add inventory by set" function, so I can easily modify the parts from a set before it gets added, but I would like to use Rebrickable because of its interface Thanks in advance!
  2. I have made an error when adding sets to a set list and need to reduce the quantity of one set and delete one other set (= reduce quantity to zero). Cannot see how to do it. Have looked at Help but it didn't help!
  3. Is it possible to only pick a few sets from my list of owned sets when searching for things to build? I don't want it searching using every set in my collection. Could I, for example, select just the Star Wars sets and see what I can build with those sets? I see where you can create set lists, but I don't see a place to check a particular set list on the "What can I build?" page. The only two things to select are the entire collection or loose parts. I see where you can add three sets to include, but I was hoping I could just check off from a list of my owned sets, instead of having to type in the set number and search for it. Am I missing something really obvious here, or is the feature I'm hoping for not available? Thanks, Johnathan
  4. I'm having trouble with importing new sets from Brickset, where I keep my hub list of all the sets I own. Lately, I've aquired several new sets, and listed them at Brickset. However, after attempting to import them "Via Web File" (through the link in My Sets), it repeatedly does not add any new sets. (I have 'attached' the two accounts through the appropriate methods.) It only gives me a list of sets it did not add (sets I have previously listed at Rebrickable). Is there a way to easily import sets from Brickset, or am I just doing this wrong? Thanks!