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Found 17 results

  1. hello i own the 8816 set from 1994, and i saw that its page has only the catalog image. I found this page that says that the page should have a text "We have no image for this Set! If you can contribute, please Submit a Change Request". I can't find that in the page. How can I submit a picture of my set?
  2. ArendDik

    Assembled Sets

    From a specific Set I own two. When I mark this set as Assembled it looks like only one of the two is marked as Assembled. How can I mark the second one as Assembled to? Can't find the answer on the following page:
  3. Can I get a List of Set(s) from My Set Lists in which a specified Part (for example: 2577 Brick Round Corner 4x4 Full Brick) exists.
  4. Massi

    Delete a set list

    Hi there, How to delete an entire set list? Accidentally created one which I have no use for… Cheers, Massimo
  5. Hi All, I have this set pending approval, and it's been there for about 2 weeks now.. Any idea why it's not being acted on? :-) I have the set at home, gone through the inventory, and the parts are ok. The LEGIO part-number seems to include the cardboard pieces in the part-count..
  6. I noticed that when you observe future set 42061, at the top by the crane arm there is a seemingly 1-stud long worm gear extending the arm. If this is true, I am finally happy that LEGO made one. It also comes with a commemorative brick as the license plate. Also, if anyone also wants to talk about future sets and parts, reply below!
  7. Just wanting to know if there is a way to add sub-set builds from a set to a collection? I purchased a second Sentinel for my 76022 X-Men versus the Sentinel set & would like to have some form of record of it, but Brickset does not have any way to do this currently, I was hoping Rebrickable might. I have also bought a number of Dimensions packs & have parted them out, but I have built some of the builds to keep from those sets, such as the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo, the DeLorean from BTTF & B.A's Van from the A-Team, while the rest of the parts from these sets have been added to my MOC parts collection.
  8. Yay! I expanded my blog to include not just MOCs, but set reviews and MOC spotlights (with creator's permission)! I renamed it from RClegotechnicracers (too long a URL) to Technic Speed. I can't wait until people suggest changes! Here is a link:
  9. Hi, I was trying to add the new set 42057, but it had new parts in it. It said that you have to be admin to create new parts. Can an admin upload this set for me?
  10. Hello, Seeking help in identifying the factory supplied sealed bag inventory for the retired 10224 Town Hall kit. Also contents of bags numbered 1. I picked this kit up as part of a mix of more sets with many sealed bags, but these bags are used for other kits as well. Some of the kit's 1st storey is built. I have many sealed bags numbered 2-3. Does anyone know how many sealed 1, 2, 3 and other bags kit 10224 was supplied with, and how to identify them? Also how to identify what parts I might be missing from bags numbered 1. Thanks!
  11. Hello, I am wondering if something is possible. As it is, I keep one set list as a "wishlist" of sorts. I have it set not to be included in my build counts. Is there some way, however, to hide it from my profile and/or have it not show up in my stats? If not, maybe implementing some kind of secondary set list section as a wishlist would be something others would also want?
  12. Hello I found someone willing to sell some sealed bags of parts but she has no idea from what (multiple) sets. Can anyone identify these bags? dropbox link to the images (i want to share it high res): Thanks!
  13. Hi, First of all, thanks for setting up this great site. It really helped me to come out of my "dark ages" One feature that I think could be really useful would be: add a favorite button to moc's and sets. If you would favorite a moc or set it would be added to some sort of favorite items list under myRB. This way I can quickly find favorite moc's or sets to build. Now if find a moc that i like, I have to remember it, or make a bookmark for it. Another cool thing about it is that you could show it on the moc or set page, so you can view how many people have Favorited it. Keep up the good work, enjoy NZ (loved it myself), and looking forward to v2... TechAd
  14. Hello!!! How about return the element_id for the parts that come with "no image avaiable"? It will be very hellpfull! Tks in advance!
  15. Can you include your own mocs as owned sets? Say I drew something on LDD then bought all the parts from bricklink or pickabrick (or stole them from my parents lego collection...) and now have a stand alone set of these parts. I submit it as a MOC. For other peoples MOCs I can add to my list of owned sets, but not my own MOC. Am I missing something?
  16. Hello, I was about to upload my sets to my sets list today, and discovered something mysterious. I have two of the set numbered 4104. The thing with this is that it has two numbers: 4104 AND 7830. When searching on this site, there was no sets that looks like mine. And if looking on google there was some pictures of the instructions and a bucket that contains the bricks. But mine was in a box! Not a bucket! Anyone knows why I have a set that no one else have?
  17. There were a lot of official alternate builds photographed on the backside (sometimes inside) the box mostly back in the 80's and 90's but you can find "some" out of this era too. These alt builds normally didn't have instructions. I just tried the B-model feature to submit some of these, but I couldn't give a location for the instruction steps I made. Talking about Town, Homemaker, Expert Builder, Paradisa etc. themes, it is mostly impossible to find B-model instructions on Brickset and totally impossible on Lego (for example, 850 Forklift doesn't have any instructions /not even for the main model/ on any of these two). It would be great if one could set an URL for instructions (scan, high res PDF, photo sequence, ldd etc), just as in the case of submitting a MOC. This would make sense to submit B-models, as without instructions these are degraded to simple photos/pictures. I know, sometimes the pics are not clear or too small to make correct reverse engineering on them, so the final instructions may lead to a slightly different model than it was originally built by LEGO. It might disturb someone, but hopefully more people would like even these not fully correct instructions, than nothing. (as you might not call these to "MOC", as theye are based on that tiny official idea)