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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All, I'm new to the community and to the idea of MOC's, however have several that I am going to work on and wondered what other MOC designers thought around using stickers in their designs. several of my ideas would benefit from the use of stickers, however I am also not sure what the best way would be of generating the stickers. if you have had any experience with this and possibly know of good ways to get the stickers, I would be grateful to ear from you. Many Thanks
  2. Dear all, I would like to make a comment about the status of a sticker sheet within a set database. Should it be in the main list or in the spare part list.? I've been busy sorting out my daughters Lego sets, because she has entered that difficult age, "The Lego Dark ages" . One day she will hopefully leave this age and I will have all her old stuff sorted and complete, to pass on to her. For this purpose, I've been thankfully using the Rebrickable database. During this process I thought I will do my bit and try to fix any errors which I find along my way and also add some missing pictures etc. One of the issues I've come across is the stickers sheet. I variable find them in the spare part list or in the main inventory list. I also have the impression that some of them, have been moved at some point to the spare part list. This is however creating an integrity issue, because the part is now giving an error message. The error being that the part has not being used in any Lego set. My opinion is that the sticker sheet should be in the main list. My reasoning is, that the stickers are used within the instructions. Spare parts on the other hand are not mentioned anywhere. They are just extra and thus live in their own list. On the whole of course this is just a minor issue, except for the created error. I'm not sure now however what to do. Should I keep sending change requests whenever I see this or not. ? I've already sent a few but I'm afraid it might become annoying if I continue?? Thank you all, and please continue the work on this great website.
  3. I suggest that each individual Sticker becomes a excluded part, not only the sheet, so I can mark which have survived the years, while other has been lost. and still see what set they belong too. This would allow stickers on MOCS that belong to other set even on other parts.