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Found 23 results

  1. Hi I'm L, still mainly play with PF1 motor even PF2 has been released for now With the PF2(new electrical system that broke the old lego paradigm) PF1 motor are no longer likely to come out anymore Imao So I'd like to make compatible motor for the PF1 electric building system myself consider the proper shapes, specifications, and placement of the wires and while im making it, i wanna make it really good and nice to use, over lego motor to acieve it, I want to hear the user's reaction or wish. I look forward to hearing from your idea Question here 1. Which is more important (1) Torque (2) RPM(Speed) 2. Size(Size and torques are in semi-parallel relationship) (1) 2x2(Micro motor size) (2) 2x4(S size) (3) PF Series's was fine, just need more torque 3. Shape (1) Round (Like XL Motor) (2) Square(Like Old Lego Motor) (3) Oval(Like M Motor, Flat Bottom Type) 4. Building type (1) Pin & Hole (2) Stud & Tube (3) Axle & Axle Hole 5. the unit of length (1) odd number(etc. 3x5x5) (2) even number(etc. 2x4x4) 6. Power Supply Method (1)PF1 (2)PF2 and last, I'm going to post it on the crowdfunding site if it's a good response after I've made the motor brick prototype. So what if there was a third-party motor with better performance? 1) If the performance is good, can buy. 2) Because it is not Lego, never buy it thanks for your asnwer and have a nice day~ and any critical, basic ideas are always welcome from L
  2. camdflage


    Hi, I recently purchased my first technincs with pneumatics (Arocs 42043), and I'm wodering if there are ways to test pressure output, leaks etc. Currently the pneumatics are kaput. No movement at all in any part. I placed the output hose from the pump into a glass of water and it looked VERY asmatic (bubbles the size of ants), though I dont know what is a good amount, or perhaps there is some magic I'm not aware of. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It was really quite disapointing.
  3. Does anybody have any suggestions for small lego sets with many unique gears? They are quite sparse in smaller sets.
  4. Kotama

    HOG steering

    Hi, what is a hog steering and how does it works.
  5. Whom it may concern According to Rebrickable inventory, Technic set 8839 inculdes 2 pcs. of Technic flex cable 6L. In reality the set includes 2 pcs. of Technic flex cable 7L. Though if you check the data sheet for part 7L, it says that there are 2 of them in the 8839 set.
  6. Hello guys and girls.. I thought I'd create an account and see what the score is :) I've been off work with a Slipped disc so decided Lego technics was the answer to keep me entertained. Anyhoo... I spent the last week building a Lowloader trailer based on Nooteboom motorised detachable bed. I've also modified the technic arocs B model and added double drive axles and better hitch, storage box and a motorised (hydraulic) lift. It's all Roughly to scale. I own the volvo excavator, Mercedes arocs and the claas tractor. All of with were dismantled and parts used for this Lowloader apart from 4 extra wheels for the tractor unit. Let me know what you think and wether or not It's worth creating instructions and submitting a MOC.. Here is a YouTube video... I know it's a pretty pants video when editing is concerned. It was late and all I had was my phone for pics, vid and editing.. I can make better vids and pics if needed P.s If it it worth creating a mod I could do with some direction on how to create instructions. Muchos thanks James :)
  7. What do you think about my artickulated Mercedes trial truck. It is Remote controlled and can take terrain. Push the link to get moc Link to moc
  8. Hi, I just got a new 3D printer! Any suggestions on any good pieces that I can print? -TechnicRCRacer
  9. OK this is a long shot at creating a place for Technic lover to share discuss, buy, sell and or trade. It's a long shot but I've struggled to find anywhere on the Internet where we can talk technic.. Many forums are dead, unused or just pants. I want a place where its free, easy accessible and just lego technic related.. No one wants to pay for ideas or Instructions, I'm assuming most of us want to chat about ideas, gearboxes, pneumatics or how we did this and that to create a master piece. Anyhoo, you get the idea.. Join the page if you want or don't if you feel it's un needed, either way I'm giving it a shot Here's the link :
  10. I know how to make a scissor lift (criss cross technic beams or bricks using pins or axles) my question is how to do one using just the thin liftarms so it fits in a 1 stud wide space. I have not found any connectors (axles or pins) that will work
  11. So I have instructions for an official combination build of 42033-1 and 42034-1, but I can't find it on the site. Rebrickable has been massively redesigned since I last used it. Any ideas? Am I missing something obvious?
  12. I want to order a couple power function motors for my son. He has the Lego City 7939 Cargo Train, which is a great set, but the train motor has its limitations when it comes to versatility. I want to get him 2 power functions motors to use in his MOCs. What are the 2 most useful power function motors to have? From what I understand the smaller motors are faster, but less power. I was thinking a medium and an XL, buy maybe 2 large would be better... Suggestions please! Thanks!
  13. Hi all, how can i make a new Moc and privat? So Only i can see it, i want to upload a ldd project, and then add what parts I have to see what parts i am missing...
  14. Hi All, Well, I've finally build a new version of the Test Car (8865-2) model 2. It has taken some years to build on and off, Last week I decided to sort the live axle and some my own design as the borrowed one with heavy modifications was bowing a little. Somehow what came next was a completely new Jeep. About 85% in new compared to my last build which took about four months to complete. One thing that this model has over MOC Red Jeep is the inclusion of a torsion bar at the front due to the Macpherson Suspension just not being sturdy enough. With this, I had to create a new part by destroying another part (something which I hated doing, but the design is 100% better with it than without it). Enjoy! Trio of Jeep Designs from the original 8865-2 almost 30 years young to my MOC Red Jeep and my latest Chassis Jeep
  15. Hey Lego fans. I missed out on the 8043-1 back when it was available, however based on my inventory, I am only missing 8 pieces, one of them being the bucket. I have Volvo loader 42030-1 set, and I am wondering if I can use the Technic Digger Bucket 13 x 23 Lego part #15265 in place of the Technic Digger Bucket 10 x 18 Lego part #32030? I realize the newer version is a larger bucket, but I am hoping mounting points are identical. Thanks for your help!
  16. I have made a new version of Technic 8859 from 1981. Mine has 4 wheel drive, but you can turn off/on the front wheel drive. It also has differential lock in front and rear. The harrow can be lifted up and down. It has a 6 cylinders motor. And staring, of course. Instructions are soon finish and will be uploaded for free download. The original one: Here is a youtubelink that shows the tractor.
  17. We have Crowkillers that made 8860 Revival. I love it when old becomes New. Also 8865 has came in a new version now - I constructed 8865 Revival. I also constructed a Retro 8860. We need more of these kind of cars, for examlple the blue tractor from 1981 and others. The Picture show my car, 8865 Revival:
  18. I noticed that when you observe future set 42061, at the top by the crane arm there is a seemingly 1-stud long worm gear extending the arm. If this is true, I am finally happy that LEGO made one. It also comes with a commemorative brick as the license plate. Also, if anyone also wants to talk about future sets and parts, reply below!
  19. Hi, I was trying to add the new set 42057, but it had new parts in it. It said that you have to be admin to create new parts. Can an admin upload this set for me?
  20. I just wondered if I am the only person that takes a very long time to build technic sets? Other people seem to build 3,4,5,6....10 times faster than me!!! I don't mind I enjoy the builds but I seem to take far longer than the reviewers take!!
  21. Hi all, I've created a VTOL variant of the recent 42029 Technic cargo plane (using only the parts from the 42029 set - including maybe 1 spare part from the set). The engines can pivot while the rotor blades are spinning. To do so I used the linear actuators from the cockpit bay and the cargo bay and placed them in the engines. The axis powering the rotor blades also serves the purpose as engine tilt axis to reduce parts use. See this short Youtube fragment for engine and tilt operation. Now comes the model generation part. I already started with LDD but the model complexity makes this job rather awkward so I could use some guidance on how to produce the model and instructions. Any comments are welcome of course. Best regards, Olivier
  22. All, Just want to draw your attention to one of my MOC's on Rebrickable that I have recenty submitted to Lego Ideas. It concerns a replication of a Rolls Royce Phantom II Coupe from 1934 that I have tried to make as close to authentic but still remaining compact and filled with functions. It features Remote control, working engine and turning steering wheel, opening bonnet, "suicide doors" and trunk and suspension on the back-side. All of that in a package only 17 studs wide and 50 studs long. Jesuskyr from Eurobricks forum made me an MLCad file and rendered it in Pov-ray and then the model is even more impressive: As Rebrickable has clearly a fan-base for Technic models I hope you will find the time to support this idea on Lego Ideas en get this model official. Thanks, Martijn Nab
  23. Okay it's time to pick another ideabook, while I try to get my hand on the missing parts of 250-1. And I have choosen to start with the first technic ideabook. it's already in rebrickables system and I know that there is plenty of technic building community members around. I will simply start by dividing the book down to it's subparts, before I start building and submitting what i can. so here is 8888-1 scope: 8888-1-x4a-1 (MOC yellow/red crane) [submitted] 8888-1-p4b-1 Small Harbor Crane 8888-1-p4b-2 Subset blue/red/yellow crane (with motors) 8888-1-p12a-1 Blue crane (no motors) 8888-1-p12a-2 Blue crane (with motors) 8888-1-p12b-1 Small Construction Crane 8888-1-p12c-1 Tall version Blue crane 8888-1-x20-1 Crane 8888-1-p21-1 (Yellow scale) The tractor is set 851-1 so that one is excluded. 8888-1-x22-1 (MOC manure spreader) 8888-1-p24-1 Harrow? 8888-1-p26-1 Harvester 8888-1-x28-1 MOC Harvester combine 8888-1-p30-1 Excavator 8888-1-p38-1 Helicopter 8888-1-x39-1 MOC Airplane 8888-1-p44-1 Blue Truck 8888-1-x45-1 MOC Yellow Car 8888-1-x62-1 MOC Blue jeep 8888-1-p64-1 Yellow Car 8888-1-p69-1 pullback vechicle 8888-1-p70-1 clock 8888-1-p74-1 walking dog 8888-1-p78-1 slot card programmable crane 8888-1-x94-1 MOC Printer I can more or less build them all, i just have one issue with my parts, my motors are the black 12V engines, not the Grey 4.5V and my battery box is also black. so i miss some motor parts that's all.