Jurgen Krooshoop's Ultimate 42009 Moc

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Hi, all.


A follow-up to MAPE's post. I had naively stashed a link to Jurgen Krooshoop's Ultimate 42009 MOC, fully intending to one day dig in, buy the extra parts, and build it. (!)


I say 'naively' because of course, not all links are eternal, and the instructions link I have ( no longer connects to anything. Jurgen must have let his page lapse.


Would anyone be so kind as to send me the .pdf instructions file? It would be hugely appreciated!   [email protected]


Thanks for looking in.


My best,

Dave Dowbyhuz

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For anyone still looking for Jurgen's Ultimate 42009, it's still out there. I'm about finished with the build and my own R/C mod. I found it What an incredible design/build. Several times I thought Jurgen surely made a mistake, but every time it was me!  I find TLG's IR remote control stuff klunky at best, so I did my normal R/C conversion: 8 (Jurgen's) motors, 8 ESCs, two RXs, and two cheap Chinese radios. It was/is challenging build. Not quite done yet.

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Does anybody have these instructions stored somewhere the can share?  After a long break from Lego, I chose to build the Ultimate 42009, I completed my parts list yesterday, only to find that Jurgens site is offline.  I thought that I had saved the PDF somewhere, but I can't find it.


All ready to go and no Instructions!





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