How To Remove Ordered Parts From A Wanted List On Bricklink

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Hello guys

for sure all of us ordering parts from Bricklink so i want to share with you my problem if one of you have a clever solution.


This is the case:

i upload a wanted list on MY MOC LIST

i search parts by shop with lots unique

then if one of the first sellers have ALL pieces in my wanted i have to order the most of the parts from who have more,

then i have to MANUALLY editing my wanted list by moving ordered parts from my wanted list to a secondary WL (called MY MOC ORDERED for example)


Then i have to reiterate the steps above by search by shop lots unique,

then if the "new" first sellers not have all the remaining parts i have to do it again manually.


So is it possible or is there a command or an option to remove ordered parts automatically from my primary wanted list after an order is placed?







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