Adding Spare Parts To Official Sets

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So whenever I buy and build a new set I love seeing what spare parts are left (usually just 1x1 circles and plates) and I take a photo and then check rebrickable (of cause).

Most time spare parts are there, but not always.

What is the best way to add a spare parts list to a set?

I guess from the set page itself and the "Submit a Change to this Set/Inventory".

What info needs to be included?

Is there a single part number I need to add?

Or is it two at minimum?

eg so for Rebrickable ID: 6141 in Transneon orange (1707)

just write 6141 in 1707?

Do I add hyperlinks to make it easier for the changes to happen (and how)?


I have a number of sets I would like to help.

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Just use the submit change link, and tell us how many of each part are missing in which colour. I don't know where you got 1707 for trans-neon orange though? TNO is LEGO 47/ OUR 57. We try to follow LEGO for as many as possible though, so just use our name from the part colors page.

You don't need hyperlinks, as we can use the parts in the set, and click and add from there. So to make life easiest just write

6 x 6141 in trans-light blue

2 x 6141 in...




That's all we need, it's quick, and THANKS for helping out!!


Cheers, Chris.

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