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Minor suggestion: I would like to be able to view part lists of sets sorted by part type.


Use case: I have a large lego collection, sorted primarily by part type, in lots of small containers.

  1. Every year I break out the pieces needed to build a few of my sets around the holidays. I want to be able to view a list of the pieces needed for set 10229 Winter Village Cottage, and remove them from storage.
  2. Removing them all at once and then building is much faster than removing them as I come across each step in the manual.
  3. Removing them is much easier if I can remove all of the slopes all at once, then all of the plates, etc., since this is how my pieces are grouped in storage. (Today, the parts list of each set is sorted by color, the way it appears on the side of the LEGO box, which is much more tedious to follow, for me).

This is the simplest change that would help me, but a few things that would make it even better would be:

  1. The ability to print this parts list (either physically print, or print to PDF) so I can hand it off to someone else in my family to dig out the parts.
  2. The ability to collate multiple sets together, then print the parts list in the same way (Actually, come to think of it, I can probably do this by copying all of the sets to a second list and then "Parting them out" as loose parts.)

If any of this is possible already, please let me know. Thank you!

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