Just posted a MOC, now have questions about inventory

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I just had my first MOC posted, and to make the inventory I imported it from LDD. The pieces used in the MOC are already in one of my parts lists. Did I just created a duplicate of the parts used in the MOC?. When I go to "Build his MOC" and then to "Find Parts to Build" I have a set that says "Num Needed" and has no picture that shows as having all the required parts which leads me to believe that it is the MOC and that those pieces have been added to my total pieces like when I add a new set to "My Sets".

I also accidentally changed the inventory of the MOC (added an Ewok head and Jawa legs) while I was adding loose parts to my parts lists. I fixed that and am wondering if there is a way of removing the MOC from the bottom of the "Parts Details" area that comes up when I click on a part so that I don't accidentally add parts to the MOC

Thank you.

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