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Our son and daughter (3yr and 1 yr) have recently gotten into playing with a couple of the lego kits we have bought. I used to build back when I was young but the landscape has changed drastically. Looking for help on getting a collection up and running. 

We currently own the following sets: 
10702 - Creative Building Set
31047 - Propeller Plane
31028 - Sea Plane
4496 -Fun with Building Tub

Interests include anything geek (Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr Who, Harry Potter, etc...) robots, dinosaurs and cars / planes. 

Looking for suggestions on what to do next? The Fun with Building tub gives us a lot of "standard" bricks but little in the way of unique parts / pieces. Suggestions on a couple of sets to augment the collection and provide some substance to build various things? 

We liked the lego ideas books but again a lot of those seem to require special parts / pieces. While it would be easy to spend a fortune on a collection we are looking for suggestions under $200 for the time being. So perhaps one big set and then a couple smaller / medium sized sets? 

Is it worth it to buy bulk pieces off eBay or craigslist or stick to  sets for now? 

Thanks for the advice! 

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Set 60140 has a lot of special pieces (some that even I don't have) and could be useful to you. It comes with wheels and treads for vehicles and lots of slopes and columns for buildings. It also has windows and doors. Hope that this is helpful!

EDIT: there is a website called Bricklink that you can buy bulk parts for reasonable prices.



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