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Unusual warning during parts import



I'm trying to import a file I'd saved from Rebrickable before the upgrade, in Rebrickable csv format. When it finishes, it gives the following warning:



Part 98283 Brick Special 1 x 2 with Masonry Brick Profile was retrieved with a quantity of 200, so it probably has more


Any idea why? I'm fairly sure that I really do have exactly 200 of that part/colour. I thought maybe it was suggesting that the part count had been truncated down to 200, but other parts in the file have more and they import without problem.

Any ideas? I've just ignored it for now, since it seems to have imported successfully, but would be good to know if there really is a problem, or maybe a faulty warning.


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It's a side-effect of the same code being used to import lists of parts from a source that is known to have that behaviour for exactly 200 parts. I've updated it so you won't see it again.

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