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Searching parts by Element IDs


When searching parts by Element IDs, it seems more reasonable to redirect user to the page with the corresponding color of the part instead of the general part page. Considering that currently there are no Element IDs on the general part pages (sadly), it may be not obvious why this page is shown and which color we were searching.

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I agree with this.  When adding new sets and I'm not sure exactly which color certain pieces are, it would be nice to be able to just use the element id which I know to go directly to that element (e.g., searching for 6071246 would go directly to http://rebrickable.com/parts/11477/slope-curved-2-x-1-no-studs-12-bow/322/).  Right now searching for 6071246 takes me to http://rebrickable.com/parts/11477/slope-curved-2-x-1-no-studs-12-bow/.  I then have to scroll down to the colors and click on them until I find the right one (is that part medium azure or medium blue...).

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