Sets missing in My Lost Parts Drill Downs

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I think there's a bug. I marked the same part lost from two different sets. In the My Lost Parts page, the Set list in the Drill Downs section contains only one of the two sets. I'm pretty sure they should both be there.

To reproduce:

  1. Add two sets which contain at least one common part/colour to your My Sets list (I'm not sure if this step is required).
  2. Go into one set and mark the common part/colour missing.
  3. Go into the other set and mark the same part/colour missing.
  4. Go the the My Lost Parts list.

Expected result:

  • Both sets are in the Set list in the Drill Downs section.
  • I can select a set and it shows the parts and counts missing from that set.

Actual result:

  • Only one of the two sets is listed/filterable.

Additional observations:

  • If you include the part from more than two sets, it still just shows one of them. It seems to be the set where the part was most recently marked missing.
  • The one set that is displayed can be selected, and filters the part counts correctly.
  • I suspect that this will only occur if you don't have additional unique parts marked as lost in each set.

Thanks for looking into this and for having such a great site!


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