Lost part maximum validation not performed when first added

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The interface for managing parts that are lost from multiple sets (and spares) looks great, thanks!

I've just been testing the changes and discovered one problem. When I first mark a part as lost, the validation on the maximum isn't being performed.

To reproduce:

  1. Add a set to your set list and indicate that you have two copies of it.
  2. In the set's parts list, click on a part which is NOT already marked as lost.
  3. In the "My Lost Parts" tab, increase the number until it is more than the maximum should be. For example, the set has 4 parts and you've got 2 copies, set it to 9.
  4. Click "Add Lost Part".

Expected result:

  • Validation warning that you're trying to set the count too high.

Actual result:

  • No warning.
  • The count, which is too high, is saved.


  • If you mark the part as missing a valid number, then try to edit it and change it higher than allowed, it correctly warns that you can't set it that high.
  • If you've set the count too high to start with, then try to decrease it to something that is still to high (say from 10 to 9 in my example above), then it'll give you the warning.


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