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Need help with lego RC motor (5292)/car


Good day y'all,

Im new to the whole lego scene so please forgive me if this is the wrong place to ask this. 

I recently rolled in the 'serious side' of lego. I've had a few lego sets over the years and they're still on the planks in my room.
But as of last week I got really insterested in making my own lego RC car. So I went on and bought a bunch of stuff:
SBrick, Servo motor, some extra lights and a secondhand 42039 set (because it was cheap and the guy even gave me the power functions that he build into it)
Which makes a pretty decent base to build on. And i found a RC motor (5292). Also used but it works well. Really neat condition it seems.

So I started building and building and I ended up with a rat-rod design. I think it looks pretty dope.
Problem is. I think it's too heavy for the 5292 motor to handle. Which I thought he would be able to because when looking on youtube for RC cars people tend to use that one a lot.
So I kind of assumed it was an awesome motor to build with.

How do i go further with this? Is it because the 6 AA batteries are too heavy and not giving the motor enough power? If so what would i need to do?
Or is it better to ditch the 5292 and buy 2 power functions XL motors and gear up to a decent speed?

Kind regards, Tim


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Hi Lord Timzor

It most be strong enough, you mention number 5292 that is rebrick/Lego nr 42908 i think, am i correct?

If you look ad the sets were it is used you can see they always use 2 units and that is also in most of the moc's made with it.

For more strenght you can also use 99499

Grts Marchel

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