OLD MOC help please

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Hi I have a problem I search old moc on this site Ferry whell or grand carousel. This moc had 7000 parts+  led lights and power functions. He was top designer on this site maybe you know him.

Help me please.


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I know which it was, a big Ferriswheel 8750 parts but it is removed from the site number was moc-1908, i have it but you have to buy it from the designer itself.

There was an illegal LXF file on LDD gallery but that is also removed i can't find it anymore, that is the one i have(i won't give this free).


If you are looking for some other fairground models i have in total 37 instructions of fairground models and have to sort out another 500 instructions from the last 5 months there are also a few beteween it.

Send me a privat mail by the forum if you want any of the free lxf files.

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