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16 hours ago, slangivar said:

On further consideration if the door frame is only 5 bricks high then it's probably:


Although that isn't listed in red in any sets it's generic version has:



Let us know if you find the other two.

This is actually a fixed glass window without the fixed glass.  Interesting discussion about it at BrickLink about a year ago that I remembered because I have a red one without the glass in my loose parts.

The face with a scar(keyword) is 3626bpx93  I was just looking at one of the sets that has this head a few days ago.

I came up totally blank with the black torso- tuxedo, jacket, bow tie, lapels, sweater, buttons, and vest got me nothing here and at BrickLink.  I also checked any 'Mini Upper Part' with an image, but nothing matched.  

It may be an obvious question, but did you verify that there is a LEGO logo on the torso?

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1 hour ago, Vokhev said:

You guys are good! Thanks!

Pleasure, now you know the parts you could submit photos to make the job easier for anyone following you. ;-)

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