Technic Digger Bucket swap

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Hey Lego fans. 

I missed out on the 8043-1 back when it was available, however based on my inventory, I am only missing 8 pieces, one of them being the bucket. 

I have Volvo loader 42030-1 set, and I am wondering if I can use the Technic Digger Bucket 13 x 23 Lego part #15265 in place of the Technic Digger Bucket 10 x 18 Lego part #32030?

I realize the newer version is a larger bucket, but I am hoping mounting points are identical. 

Thanks for your help!

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Nope, the mounting points are not identical. YOu might be able to make a modification to fit the larger bucket, but note that the bigger bucket is quite a bit larger. The 8043 bucket fits inside the larger bucket ;)

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