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i want to report this as a bug.

There are so many questions completly ignored by the moderator that i am questioning the use of the forum on this moment.

I think this asks for aktion from you're site, if the moderators don;t want to respond on the quesions you have to.


Sorry maybe for my hars words and i am Dutch whit very little noltige of English, i work on a offshore plaform an can manage with hand ans feed to exlain myself so i will try to explain.

I'm only 2 days ad home every 14 days and every time i have to see that only topics are answered which are liked by the moderaters ore that of users that are liked by the moderators, at least so it seems.

Often reactions of users are completly ignored by the moderators, ore they answer in you're name, and those ansers are for me questionable, because if you read furhter back in the past you're answers were the oposit as that is now, also the old moderators who are not active animore so as it seems did have other answers, and i think you didn't turn 180 degrees whit you're opitnion on part and sets

Hope to see an answer of you why this happens.



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My opinions definitely change over time, whose doesn't? The site is constantly evolving, and the recent v3 upgrade completely changed some things.

We are making so many changes, if you're looking at any comments older than 6 months it probably no longer applies.

I have a full time job and family, so work on Rebrickable in my limited spare time. The moderators/admins are all volunteers and have their own priorities too. I think they do an awesome job and I am more than happy for them to answer on my behalf which allows me to prioritise working on other aspects of the site you might not see. I also rely on other power users of the site to respond to some questions, which they do regularly when they know the answers. BTW - the time an admin spends on the forum is maybe 1% of the work they do - the number of change requests etc submitted and processed by the admin team is enormous.

You are right in that I don't spend much time on the Help forums lately, and that anything posted to Bugs gets my immediate attention. This is how I am currently prioritising my time. I'm sure that will change in the future, as the pace of fixing things and adding new features slows down.

Thanks for your feedback.

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what i mean is resent post where nobody seems to be willing to responding

there are more of these but i do not have the time to search for them now.


other thing was that i found in the forum that parts that could not be devided without tools they should stay together and not filled seperate shuch as the old ship parts and the turntables other part found 6051c02/ 04/ 05 half of them are combined others are now split up what do you want this was answered in you're name id all has to be split up it has to be done otherwise combine the loose that is what i mnat whit consitansy.

you can not seperate them without breaking someihing so they should stay together

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many of those are work in progress and some should really be sub-parts and combined parts so user can choose to what they want to split up and not.

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