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Hi All,

Well, I've finally build a new version of the Test Car (8865-2) model 2.

It has taken some years to build on and off, Last week I decided to sort the live axle and some my own design as the borrowed one with heavy modifications was bowing a little. Somehow what came next was a completely new Jeep. About 85% in new compared to my last build which took about four months to complete.

One thing that this model has over MOC Red Jeep is the inclusion of a torsion bar at the front due to the Macpherson Suspension just not being sturdy enough. With this, I had to create a new part by destroying another part (something which I hated doing, but the design is 100% better with it than without it).


Trio of Jeep Designs from the original 8865-2 almost 30 years young to my MOC Red Jeep and my latest Chassis Jeep 


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You can see all four designs, once which I no longer have. It was huge too and although it had features the newer Jeeps don't, it's not a patch on the newer models

My Lego Builds

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