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I want to order a couple power function motors for my son.  He has the Lego City 7939 Cargo Train, which is a great set, but the train motor has its limitations when it comes to versatility.  

I want to get him 2 power functions motors to use in his MOCs. 

What are the 2 most useful power function motors to have?   From what I understand the smaller motors are faster, but less power.   I was thinking a medium and an XL, buy maybe 2 large would be better...

Suggestions please!


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Thanks so much for that link TobyMac!  Great information.


I thing I will get 2 of the large motors.  That way he can have some power, and if there is a need for 2 matching motors, he can have that.  Also, since the large motor is not much bigger than the M motor, it will be easy to integrate into MOCs.


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