Lost part has wrong color in part_img_url URL

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Hi all, 

When I retrieve a lost part it seems that the image url included in the result points to an image with a different color than the part involved.<token>/partlists/27086/parts/3297/4/

"list_id": 27086,
  "quantity": 80,
  "part": {
    "part_num": "3297",
    "name": "Slope 33° 3 x 4",
    "part_cat_id": 3,
    "part_url": "",
    "part_img_url": "",
    "external_ids": {
      "BrickOwl": [

  "color": {
    "id": 4,
    "name": "Red",
    "rgb": "C91A09",
    "is_trans": false,
    "external_ids": {
      "LEGO": {
        "ext_descrs": [

            "Bright red",

The color for this lost part is Red but when you use the url to pick up the image its black. I also noticed this with other parts and other colors for lost parts.

Is this by design? should I retrieve the image in a different way if I want the corresponding image? 



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