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.pbg Part list export


When you click 'Export Parts' in a parts list, you're given the option to export the parts list to an LDCad Parts Bin PBG.

I've been looking around (furtive googling) but I can't find out how to use this file in LCad or MLCad.

Any help?

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You can only use the file in LDCad. To use it, navigate to: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\LDCad\partBin\default\sets
And put the exported pbg file there. Then open up LDCad and in a part window/tab go to sets and your exported pbg should be there (although without image, since Rebrickable doesn't export an image with the pbg).

It's maybe a bit cumbersome, but I believe Roland (the author of LDCad) wants to improve it in LDCad 2.0, but don't qoute me on that ;) To make it a little less of a hassle I added the location of the pbg files to my quick-locations in Windows so I don't have to traverse through all these folders everytime.

Hope that helps :)

EDIT: just noticed this post is a week old already. I completely missed it before, because I have some stupid formatting/layout problems with Chrome since recently (long story, doesn't matter). Ah well... 

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