Reading Custom Lists?

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I’m wondering if there is a way in the API to read a user’s custom lists. I do see in the list of API endpoints at the bottom there is an error, might there be more API endpoints than what is currently listed? Currently the last listed endpoint is Badges.


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Just a note to say that I too was looking for this feature.  

My specific use case:  

I often build custom lists for builds that I'm working on that I don't want to make into a MOC.  I use the custom list to identify what parts I'm missing so I can order them, but I also want to use a script to build a list of how many of each needed part I have in my loose parts so I can identify those parts that I'm running low on (which I may want to order while I'm at it). 

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Posted (edited)

I had basically the same use case, and found the following workaround:

You can construct the URL for the CSV download link of a custom list. With this, you "only" need to be logged into the UI to download the list. (Downloading the CSV seems a lot faster than downloading the JSON with its ton of data I don't need - I only need part, color and quantity. Any other part data like name and color name can be downloaded from another API call and cached locally.)

In my self-written client I started doing this by manually copying the session cookie from the browser into the client to perform just the CSV download requests. Later, I reverse engineered the login workflow, so I can now log in fully automated.

I hope my sporadic (a few times every few days) usage of the site in this way is acceptable and not in violation of its terms. :-)


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