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combine existing part lists to new one?


I have several part lists that made sense when inventorizing loose parts that came in from different buys.
Now i would like to combine them all in one bigger list, as the separation makes no sense anymore.

Is there a way to do this other than re-assigning each part manually (which would be very tedious)?
My last resort thought was to export them as csv and re-import them to the new list, but maybe there is a official way and i just have not found it yet?

Thanks for your help

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Hi, Tom, good to meet!

There is no "Add Part Lists" function, so the csv method is the official one: export both lists, create new list, import both with append. Do check, if a part exists in both lists, that the system properly adds both quantities. I think it should work that way, but I never checked it.
Let us know the results, will you?

Take care,

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Thanks for the feedback, i just did that now ...
– export the lists to rebrickable-CSVs
– create a new empty list
– import them with no conversion and with the "append" command
– check if part sums are the same (overall sum, i didn't check each lot) which was accurate.
   Overall it had 2601 parts and definitely some were overlapping (like black technic pins), so the system added them up correctly.
– cross fingers and delete the old lists :-)

so i can confirm this works.

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