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Can you explain a use-case you want to archive? It should be possible because (AFAIK) scripting in Google Sheet is more or less pure JavaScript and the Rebrickable API can be called also by JavaScript. But what do you want it to do in a sheet?

I did a full Swagger-documenation (with modelling of the results) of the complete Rebrickable-API. And by using Swaggger-codegen one can also generate a JavaScript-Client-library from it. I'm using it for my private C# / WPF application for an inventory of all my sets and loose parts...

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You can. The only slightly tricky part is that the API returns JSON and google sheets can't handle JSON natively.

You can get a tool here which works in a very similar way to the importXML function:

The only drawback is you are using google scripts to do the processing but it is a very straightforwards process.



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