Sets in set call.

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Just wondering,  is there a reason why the set objects in the:/api/v3/lego/sets/{set_num}/sets/ dose not return the same info as the /api/v3/lego/sets/{set_num}/?

for example:  looking up K3731-1 in the first returns:

"results": [
      "id": 2010,
      "set_num": "3731-1",
      "set_name": "Pumpkin Pack",
      "quantity": 2,
      "set_img_url": "https://m.rebrickable.com/media/sets/3731-1.jpg"

While  3731-1 in the latter returns:

  "set_num": "3731-1",
  "name": "Pumpkin Pack",
  "year": 2000,
  "theme_id": 230,
  "num_parts": 87,
  "set_img_url": "https://m.rebrickable.com/media/sets/3731-1.jpg",
  "set_url": "https://rebrickable.com/sets/3731-1/pumpkin-pack/",
  "last_modified_dt": "2011-09-05T14:00:00Z"

Basically if you want to get all the info about a set that is contained within a set you need multiple calls. why not have them both return the same object with the single one setting a quantity of 1?

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The basic idea is that the lists of items returns fewer details as it can potentially be a much larger response. I tried to only include the bare essentials in the list results.

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