Reinstructable v1.3 in Open Beta

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Well, I have gotten Reinstructable into open Beta,  and it is looking good so far.  

Search for sets you own from the vast database here on Rebrickable, and then assign locations to the elements within.

It now pulls that image locations correctly, the previous method seems to have broken, if the mod is watching this I have posted what I think is the fix in the API section, but no one seems to be paying attention there.

I need to add 2 things to move to production:

  1. Syncing to the users account here at Rebrickable
  2. allow the user to show all the elements listed in the database at once.

once those are added, I will move this fully to production, but the additions will not end there......

Planned additions:

  1. Allow the user to import loose pieces, and sync those into their Rebrickable account.
  2. Breakdown sets to allow the user to filter the element list to a more  managable size when rebuilding a set.
  3. SET UP MOCS, as well as import them from Rebrickable.
  4. Allow the user to sync from other sites as well.

as a reminder or those that want to join in the Beta follow the link:

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Well, looks like I may have bitten off much more then I can chew at this time.  Testing was going fine but then I got the bright idea of loading my full collection and the parts,  needless to say the app is now bogged down and runs horribly slow.

I gots alot more to learn about SQLite on android.

As such I have closed down Beta testing (will impact maybe one person) until I can get this running at a satisfactory speed.

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