Color Error that should not be (set 10404-1)

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Wasn't 100% sure if this should go in Bugs or Set Inventories...

I picked up the Classic/Building Bigger Thinking set 10404-1 - Ocean's Bottom and I noticed something odd with its inventory. There's a big error message at the top stating:


There are problems with the Inventory that might make it un-buildable:

  • 2 Color Error(s) - parts in colors that have not appeared in real Sets.

...which is naturally incorrect because this is a real Set. It appears to be specifically referring to:
Part 973c03 Torso Plain / Dark Pink Arms / Yellow Hands in Dark Pink
Part 90195 Window 1 x 2 x 2 Castle in Dark Pink

I'm not sure what could be causing this bug, if it's affecting any other parts in this set (that are not unique to it and are thus less easy to notice), or if it might be affecting any other sets... or if it's really just affecting those parts across multiple sets since I don't know if they're actually in any other sets.

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There are some issues with multiple inventories of 2018 at the moment. Besides the error this has no further consequences. @Nathan is working on it.

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