How to show full results in /api/v3/lego/sets/{set_num}/parts/ ?

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Thanks for pointing this out.

I did see there is a property "page_size".  so the CURL might be something like:

curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'Authorization: key {MyKey}' 'https://rebrickable.com/api/v3/lego/sets/3731-1/parts/?page_size=1000'

Looks like I have more editing to do on my app.  Luckly I only currently have 4 users.

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As Dragma explained you can use the page_size-parameter. But you should also look into the thread 

 in this forum. Nathan explained that the standard page-size has been lowered to 100 and 1000 is the maximum you can give it in a call. In case your set has more than 1000 parts (unique in part_num and color; is there a set like this?) you have to use the next page URL given by the response-field named "next" in the very beginning of the response. If you want to fill a list or alike in a program/app, you can collect all results by calling first the API-function and then call the URL given by "next" until "next" is null.

By this way you are not depending on changes in the defaults Nathan may change from time to time due to performance or other reasons.

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