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Diniz Vilhena

non white color parts and printed parts in Hydrogen peroxide


I have some old light gray parts and some printed parts that became discolored due to  sunlight (I guess...)
Does anyone here already tried to submerge non white parts in hydrogen peroxide? If yes, what was the result?
No problem using hydrogen peroxide in colored parts?
Thanks in advance

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I used it on the old light gray a lot, including printed parts. It works great. I had an old space landing plate with about 1/4 the surface greatly yellowed. It took a while but it got to a point I couldn't even tell where the demarcation used to be except for the discoloration on the print. By the way, it won't damage the print but it won't restore it either if it's also coloured. I was tole to not put stickers in peroxide though.

Also, note that it's not a permanent effect. On the baseplate I mentioned before, I noticed the discolouring was slowly coming back about a year after I treated it. It's still much, much better than it used to be, though.

It's supposed to also work well on blue but I haven't tried it much.

And just in case you don't know, for peroxide to work you need direct, strong sunlight.



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