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Diniz Vilhena

distinguish Lego from non-Lego parts


Does anyone know in an infallible way to detect non-Lego in parts where Lego parts do not have marks, like some pins or visor helmets?
The quality of other brands has improved so much and the colors are so alike, that if they have not "Lego" written somewhere, I can not distinguish them

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Hi, Diniz

Apart from the obvious (LEGO logo on stud) and the less obvious (does the part exist in our database), two options:

    - post an image here on the forum and ask...
    - and if we don't know, include your image in a mail to LEGO customer service, and ask them
    (if you include that you only want to use *real* LEGO, they will love you for it! -smile-)

Take care,

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