Procedure to fix obvious part errors on someone's MOC ?

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Some MOCs have part or colour errors which are obvious to fix. For example MOC 7007 has plants and baseplates in (non existent) dark green instead of green, and other small inventory errors. These errors are trivial to fix and there is no doubt as to the author's intent (confirmed by the photographs).

Should I contact a moderator via "Submit change request", should I leave a comment underside the MOC, or do something else ?


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Hi, Adrien, good to meet.

It is a good idea to mention this in the forum, so thanks for asking about it! -smile-

MOC designers are themselves responsible for the inventories of their MOCs, so if a MOC inventory is wrong, then you best post a comment to that MOC and inform the designer of that problem. The same applies if you think the MOC is in a wrong theme, or has a wrong name, or such. All such changes should be done by the MOC designer, and not by any of the admins.

Now if you have a serious problem with a MOC; for example, someone else uploaded a MOC you designed, or someone uploaded a MOC that is identical to an official LEGO set; that is something worth mentioning to an admin, and you can either PM one of us, or use a change request.

Take care,

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