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Green colour confusion, Green/ Dark Green/ Earth Green


Hi I am gradually inputting all my loose Lego bricks and I'm left very confused now I'm on the green parts. I have been using my built sets as a colour guide, the one I'm currently using is 'Mighty Dinosaurs'. I'm left so confused when using both Rebrickable and Brickset because the same part has the colour listed on here as Green but on Brickset as Dark Green. And then the actual the parts that actually do look like Dark Green to me, and are listed as such on here, the same part is listed as Earth Green on Brickset. No wonder i was getting part/colour errors!

But why is it this way, I'd of course prefer to go by the Lego official colour scheme but why are they different on Brickset and Rebrickable? 

Maybe someone can understand what I'm trying to explain and clear this up for me? Thanks!

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Hi, Elanin, welcome to the forum,

This question has been asked before, by Diniz I think, but, as far as I can remember, no real answers were given. So let me try to explain what goes on, here.

First some history...

People have been talking about LEGO on the internet from even before the very start of the world-wide-web, which was invented in 1989, but only became really used actively with the foundation of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in 1994.

In January of 1993 the usenet newsgroup alt.toys.lego was founded, which was superseded by rec.toys.lego in 1994. This allowed LEGO fans world-wide to communicate through e-mail, and that infant online community mostly moved to LUGNET in 1998. In 1995 James Jessiman developed the original LDraw software and its file format, which allowed LEGO fans to start building virtual LEGO models.

So by the time LEGO.com was launched, in 1996, there were several active LEGO fan communities, and one of the first large websites dedicated to LEGO inventories was Peeron, which was launched in 2001. In those years, LEGO did not disclose any information about the colors they were using, so, naturally, LEGO fans invented their own color names. So we had Red, Blue, Yellow, White and Green, Light Grey and Dark Grey, and so on.

Then in 2003, TLG (The LEGO Group) replaced many colors with new versions - most notably the greys, going from Light Grey to Light Bluish Grey, and Dark Grey to Dark Bluish Grey. Then, in the late 2000s, TLG began mixing their own ABS colors from raw granulate (before that year they had outsourced their color mixing to Bayer Germany and were receiving pre-colored ABS pellets). TLG also decided to rename a whole bunch of colors, and that is when the problem started.

What fans had been calling Light Green since 1994, LEGO renamed to Medium Green. Bright Green was not renamed, but what fans had been calling Green since 1949, LEGO renamed to "Dark Green", and they introduced another Dark Green, which they called Earth Green. Can you image the problems fans had with these new names? And a few years earlier we had already gone mad about the changing grey colors...

To make a long story short, Peeron did not want to update all their inventories, and they added a color chart with their own names and the new LEGO names. So did the Ldraw community. When Bricklink was launched on June 19, 2000, they copied both color charts, and created their own. When Rebrickable was created, mid 2011, we did the same. So whenever we import an inventory directly from LEGO, we translate the color names according to our color chart (Main Menu > Parts > Colors).

Brickset is a bit of a exception, as they use Rebrickable's inventories for older sets, and show their own LEGO inventories for newer sets. Which is why, if you look at Brickset's inventory for set 31058-1 - Mighty Dinosaurs, you will see the LEGO color names. Brickset used the original LEGO inventory for that one.

Now, our inventories might contain errors, so there might color errors in the inventory of set 31058. Obviously, either Bricklink of Brickset inventories might also contain errors. So if you find a part, and you really think our inventory lists the wrong color, then, please, tell us about it, so we can fix it.

Hope this explanation makes some sense, if not, just keep asking... -smile-

Take care,


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Ok, thank you so much for that, very informative and interesting to know about! I'm not surprised everything got so complicated!

Also, i tried doing a search before writing the post about it but i guess the question was posted further back than i looked or something, but thanks for the info! ?

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