LEGO Shopper saved me from wasting money

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I just wanted to share a little something about the app. A few weeks ago was one of the few weekends when garage sales are allowed in my new town so I was running around looking for (among other things) LEGO. At one house, there was a teenager getting rid of his LEGO, though the mom told me most sets were incomplete. There was one however, that she was certain was complete. It was a pretty big Ninjago set. Nothing I was especially looking for but it was 10$ so I was pretty sure I would take it. Just to be sure, I wanted to use the app to see what was rare/valuable in it. So I get out my phone to scan the bar code... can't find the bar code. I think "That's impossible, there has to be a bar code." I look at the box again and then I see it: "Bela". It was a clone. I hadn't noticed because the other sets were genuine LEGO and it was so close to a real Ninjago box. Needless to say I dropped it right there. I decided to instead take a chance on a 800+ parts technic set with missing parts since it was only 5$ and I was looking for a few of the parts I could see in it. I get home and build it and there are only 6 parts missing! So yeah, the app turned what would have been a pretty crappy surprise into a great one.

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