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Where can I purchase LEGO missing parts?


Good morning fellow LEGO builders,

I recently purchased the building instructions of the Articulated Star Wars AT-ST v2.5 (MOC-14608) designed by gol, and started "collecting" the required parts using the official online LEGO shop. But I started facing some "technical issues". Many of the required components are nowhere to be found in the online LEGO shop, neither in the MOC's required color, nor in any other color.

So I was wondering if you could recommend me another reliable online shop, with worldwide shipping, where I could purchase those missing pieces (unless the Rebrickable website has its own shop).

Best regards,

Anthony Z. Davis

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Bricklink is pretty much the main place to find individual parts. And there is some integration between it and Rebrickable so you should be able to generate stores with what you need directly from here.

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