Main parts list does not export location or notes

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Browser: Chrome 68.0.3440.106 (Official Build) (64-bit)

OS: Windows 7 enterprise.

The main parts list (in my example ) does not export the location or notes I have on my part, but it does on a single list.

To reproduce: Add a note and location to a part or parts, go to main parts list, do an export, data just added is not there and it will be there if the single parts list is exported.

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Same problem here.

Could we have an answer, please ? I upgraded to pro account especially for this feature...

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Bug confirmed. Priority: Low.

Work-around: export individual part lists and merge.


Do realize that the part notes are part list dependent: if you have the same part in two part lists, each of them can have a different location and private notes. For some people, that is an essential feature, allowing, for example, to store new parts and used parts separately. The only way to export your full part inventory AND to have all the part notes in that export, is to create different lines for each part list; which, basically gives the same result as exporting individual part lists and then merging them into a single file.

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