Importing inventory from IO files

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When submitting a MOC and attempting to import parts from IO files that have submodules, the parts in the submodules are not imported.

I am using 2.0 beta, on a Windows 10 machine, and chrome.

[I realize this is probably's fault, and I am not even sure it is a bug, or just a UI issue. However I wanted to let you know, because I suspect a lot of people will be transitioning to from LDD now that it has almost all the desired functionalities in one place]



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Hi, LegoOri,

I remember asking Nathan about a import, didn't realize he had implemented it. But there are two work-arounds, and one of them can be used to find out if this is a Rebrickable problem or a problem.

Work-around 1: in, export the model as Ldraw file, import in LEGO Digital Designer and save as .lxf. Then import the lxf into Rebrickable.

Work-around 2: In, select Model > Model Info and then press Add to Wanted List. If needed login to Bricklink. A new browser tab will open with the inventory as a Bricklink XML file within an input field. Select and copy that XML content (<INVENTORY> ... </INVENTORY>) into a text file and import that into Rebrickable using the Bricklink translation.

If you use work-around 2 and still don't get the parts in the submodules it is clearly a problem. If you use work-around 2 and you do get all the part, it is a Rebrickable import error, but, at least, you can work around it... -smile-

Take care,

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