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"Build this set" shows I'm missing parts but I'm not

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1 open a MOC/set page that shows that I don't have all the parts (many sets,, eg )

-> it shows I have 80% of parts

2 click "Build this set"

3 check missing parts section

actual result -> there is "Plate 4 x 6" listed as missing 1 piece

expected result: it should not be listed cause I have it

4 click this piece

-> it shows I have 7 pieces of this type which proves point 3) conclusion

 BUT I don't have this particular colour (yellow) ! so there is probably bug related to colours

in build matching options I have ignore colours option marked , yet it does not work


this is very annoying bug, for example in the same set it shows I'm missing 74 x  "Brick 1 x 2" while I have a ton of them


so to conclude:

80% was calculated wrongly - it should be much higher

it should not list "missing parts" of parts that I actually have


also note: when I now add this semingly missing part/s to part list in any colour  AND refresh, then it recalculated % properly and correctly does no longer show this part as missing


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If you have color ignore, it's ignoring the colors so unless you have enough of that part in any color you will be fine but if your missing, I wouldn't expect that the part that is marked missing will follow the colors either. you should treat the result as that you are missing the part and ignore the color because which one you get there most likely depending on inventory order and how many you got.

So if a set has for example has 7 Yellow, 4 Black and all you got is 5 Yellow I wouldn't be surprised at all if you got missing 6 yellow. Because black is processed before yellow and takes up 4 of the yellow. and when it comes to yellow it only has one left, so you end up missing 6 Yellow. and % of missing would still reflect the missing number of parts, you claim it's wrong because you have yellow, because then you would be missing the black.

so to sum it up if you tell it to ignore color you should ignore color as well.

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