[low] PART LIST FILTER - escape & and +

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I have seen two problems with the filtering based on Notes - Location in Part Lists. 

1. If you include the characters & or + (possibly others but definitely seen with these) in the Location value (for example: First & Second) of a part, it will save fine. However, if you select this Location in the Notes - Location filter on the left of the Part Lists, no parts will be displayed. Change the location to not include these characters and the filter works as expected. I suspect there are some characters not escaped in this filter. 

2. All other "Drill Downs" (Color, Category, Notes - Condition, Notes - Stickered), have a "Full" / " Filtered" option which permit you to select multiple options or toggle from a single selection back to the broader list. This option is not included with Notes - Location. This may be more a feature request than a bug but similar functionality to the other drill downs would be terrific.

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Thread title changed.

Old: Part List Locations Not Filtering Properly
NEW: [low] PART LIST FILTER - escape & and +

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