App to design MOCs from owned bricks only

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Welcome everyone!

I have all my sets added to rebrickable, so I should have complete list of owned parts.

Is there any design/cad tool to create MOCs on Mac OS, which would allow to build from owned bricks only?  I researched ldd and I think there's no way to do that. I also tried which support building from specified bricks, but couldn't find a way to limit usage of individual bricks to the number I actualy own.

Any info will be appreciated!


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Hi, Macia, welcome to the forum!

Studio can import the parts from official LEGO sets, once they have been added to the Bricklink catalog. So for alternate builds, you can just import the parst for the particular set, and use those to build your own MOC. As the import adds up the parts, you can do several imports to create a full overview of all your parts, providing, of course, that all your parts come from sets.

Hope this help, if not, just ask...

Take care,

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