Ford Mustang Fastback - Alternate Builds

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Dear MOC Designers,

I am working on a Rebrickable review of this set (75884-1 - 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback), scheduled for publishing end of January, 2019, and I want include a chapter about alternate builds for this set. I want to explain new users about how to find alternate builds, include links to popular sets for alternate builds, and I want to build all the alternate models of set 75884-1 currently on Rebrickable, photograph them, and add HD images and a small review of all of them.

Set 75884-1 currently (December 5) has 21 alternate builds, and a modified set build, and those are definitely in the review. But I could image that some of you would want a MOC of your own to be included, and so I have set the closing date on January 1st, 2019. Any MOC added as an alternate build for set 75884-1 before that date will be included in the review.

Premium MOCs will only be included if I have the instructions (PM me if needed).

Obviously, if you guys/girls add 50 or more new MOCs to this set, it might be end of February before I publish the review. -smile-

To be sure, this is NOT a contest, there are NO prizes, and I am not going to rate the MOCs or choose a favorite. I am going to comment on the type and quality of the instructions, the ease or difficulty of the build, and the look and feel of the final model. Don't worry, though, I can find something good in any model.

Take care,

(cross-posted in MOC Discussions "Ford Mustang Fastback - Alternate Builds" and as a comment to set 75884-1)

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