Brickowl not showing when limiting to UK stores

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I am trying to filter our overseas stores as the postage isn't economic for my order. I have changed my settings to only show stores from my country (UK) but when I go into buy parts from my list it only shows Bricklink stores and omits Brickowl stores.

I am trying to buy the bricks from this list:

If I list regional (EU) stores then the "Warehouse Hanger 51" Brickowl store appears ( However when limited to UK stores this store and all other Brickowl, GB stores in the original list are missing. I wonder if it is because Brickowl lists the stores as GB (Great Britain) rather than the UK (United Kingdom) which Bricklink uses.

I don't suspect it can be my environment causing this issue but for what it is worth I am using various chromium bases browsers under Windows 10.

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