part 92548 identifying problem

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Hi all :)

I recently bought a bag of lego bits from a charity shop, mainly ninjago. Included were two pieces I have not seen before, and I have no idea what set they might be from.

On the green version, there is a part number 92548 on the green disc which is about 6*6 in size. It is screwed into the purple base as seen on the left of the second picture with 3 stardrive screws, which are small, T8 or maybe T6. my smallest stardrive screwdriver is a T10. I was going to remove it so I could get a better look at the part number, and any other information. I can see a copyright date of 2009. also 08-602 but this may carry on underneath the lug, but I cannot tell at the moment because I cannot remove the screws for a better look.

The grey connection in the middle when turning allows another grey piece under it to move in and out, suggesting that something attached to it might move perpendicular to the edge on view of the whole item. 

On the back (2nd picture) is a small 2*2 disc which covers the connecting peg of the innermost grey piece as seen on the first picture though I have not succeeded in removing that yet.

I looked on the rebrickable database for a part number 92548 but nothing shows up. I have looked at all parts in trans green and nothing remotely looks like it.

Hope someone knows what it is, and what set it came from etc.





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