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Basebrick import tsv problem



I'm new at rebrickable and must be doing something wrong cause when trying to import basebrick .tsv file to import parts I get 'Could not determine file types'. I tried (almost) everything. Even doing different export options on basebrick. Can figure out what I'm doing wrong. HELP.

tsv problem.jpg

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Sorry, seem to have missed your question.

Brickbase is Bricklink based, and Bricklink itself has its downloads (including set inventories) available as tsv and xml. To import a Bricklink set inventory you need to have the xml version (not the tsv) and set the external source to Bricklink to enable part number conversion.

I don't have a brickbase account, but I suggest you look for an xml export of your part list, instead of a tsv.

Take care,

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