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Personal lego inventory


I'm trying to use Rebrickable as my personal home inventory. Basically it means I need to add a note to every part, to indicate where it is located.

But the problem is that the notes are list-centric. I can't add a note to a lego part - I can only add a note to a lego part IN A LIST.

That means there's no easy way to get the location. If I search for the part, I get the overall part details - where there are no notes. It will tell me what lists it is in, but there's no link to the list-specific part details where the notes are.

No matter how I organize my parts into the lists, I end up having to manually browse the full list of parts until my eyes catch the specific part - which makes it kind of useless.

Is there any way around this? The possibility to add a note to the part (and not to the list item) would be enough.

(Acceptable solutions include other sites / software, as long as I can use Rebrickable as my master repository.)



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