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Missing parts from other website MOC's...



I have saved multiple parts list on my computer and I would like to use Bricklink or Rebrickable to know what parts are missing. 

I already have all my parts listed on rebrickable. When I look MOC on the website It said as you know ; you have 95% of the parts to build that. And you just click to know what are the missing parts. But how can we do it for MOC who are not on rebrickable. I didn't find a way to export my part list on bricklink and I don't find a way to import parts list to verify against my own parts list on Rebrickable.


How you guys are doing this?



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Sorry, seem to have missed this question. -smile-

There is no really easy way to do this. The only work-around I can come up with, does take some work, but it should work, providing you have all your parts in a single part list. Here's the idea:

     - export the part-list that contains all your parts
     - create a new custom list and import all your parts
     - create a second custom list with the part of the MOC you want to build
     - then use Sets > Compare Sets to compare both custom lists

Take care,


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