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Bug with new "No Color / Any Color" Build list

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I've managed to come up short on builds / orders now a couple times when the MoC set inventory includes the new "Any Color" or "No Color" as a requirement.  At first I thought I had messed something up, but it has happened an alarming number of times now when I've generated orders to build sets when the MoC has the Any Color selection (it seems *and* specific color for the same part).  Basically, I can recreate it easily enough, and the "build it" option using available inventories matches both No Color and Color requirements and leave you MISSING parts that you need!!!

I'm on Chrome, but I don't think(?) this matters.  Here is an example "Custom List" with just 3 parts required (you can see this public list at



Now, here is a Test list of parts I may HAVE.  It just has 1 part (a black 3001).  This *could* match either of the 3001 blocks in the custom list (though I would hope it would match the specific color requirements *first*).



Go in and click "Build this List" option (similar to what you would do on a MoC where I first saw the issue), and ONLY have that Test list checked as "Use in my build list" and you'll notice that you do NOT get a resulting "needed" 3001 block, only the 3003.  It would seem that the No Color / Any Color is matching, BUT NOT CONSUMING the 3001 when there are other specific color requirements.  Leaving me thinking I only need to buy the 3003.  Wrong.  This gets very large on errors as I've begun to try to use the "any color" option to help source internal bricks on MoC designs.  :(



Please Help/Fix!!! is leaving me VERY SHORT on parts when I do orders...



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