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There used to be check boxes in several places that have gone missing:

  • The "Include in build calculations" check box is missing next to each parts list in My Parts List.
  • The check boxes are missing next to drill down options. For example, when viewing My Sets Lists, I can drill down into Tags and each tag should have a check box next to it. It appears that all drill down lists are affected, including My Lost Parts, My Parts Lists and My Custom Lists.

While it's possible that there could have been an intentional change to remove the "Include in build calculations" check box, it appears to be unintentional for drill down lists. These drill down lists still have buttons "All" and "None" at the top, and clicking them has no visual affect.

Alternately, it could be that all the check boxes were removed intentionally, but the "All" and "None" buttons were accidentally left in. If it's the later then please consider putting the check boxes back, because they were really useful!

Note that when logged out or viewing another user's My Parts Lists, I see non-interactive check marks next to parts lists which are enabled for build calculations.

This doesn't seem to be browser related. I tried in Chrome and Firefox.

This doesn't seem to be OS related. I tried in Windows 7 and Ubuntu 16.

The screen shot below shows the My Parts Lists side panel. I was expecting check boxes next to each Part List and next to each Category. Note the "All" and "None" buttons.



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